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Eastern Market

Classes & milonga every Thursday + 1st Saturday


Eastern Market

Classes & milonga every Thursday + 1st Saturday

Martin Maldonado & Maurizio Ghella, Oct. 2013. (Photo: Christian Amonson / Arts Laureate)

The Main Event

Join us at Eastern Market every Thursday and 1st Saturday for group classes and a traditional milonga, and enjoy the spacious floor, sociable dancers, and talented DJs. This historic venue with its 50-foot ceilings is a "home away from home" for many world-class performers and traveling social dancers, and dedicated local tangueros are the beating heart of the event.

Classes (Beg. & Int.)

Thursdays, $10 each
7pm Beg. | 8pm Int.

House teacher Jake Spatz has been offering classes at Eastern Market since 2006, and is now assisted by several talented Washington dancers including Liz Sabatiuk, Dasha Khripkova, Ruth Kubishen, and Jose Ortiz.

Thursday Milonga

9pm-12:30am, $12
($2 off with class)

Since 2004, Eastern Market has featured a traditional milonga every Thursday night, with Golden Age music and a habit of attracting the best local and traveling tangueros.

1st Saturdays

9pm All Levels class, $10
Milonga 10pm-2am, $15

The first Saturday of each month, Eastern Market hosts a special Saturday edition event, with an all-levels class at 9pm and dancing from 10pm until 2am.


Sport & Health

Tango workshop, Sundays 4-6pm

Sport & Health

Tango workshop, Sundays 4-6pm

Guest teachers Rocio & Luciano (20 Oct. 2013)

Sunday Classes

Intermediate Workshop, 4-6pm ($20)

Improve your dancing with Jake & Dasha on Sundays at Capitol Hill Sport & Health! Our workshops are designed to help you improvise fluently, and to develop skills like spatial awareness, memory, partnering, and rhythm---so you can become a better and more well rounded dancer.

Our recent topics have included "Creativity in Tango," "General Musicality," and "Social Sacadas."

Workshop Format (4-6pm)

Our new format lets us explore key concepts in greater depth, and with the flexibility to give each student more individual attention and more time to get it. Classes include a mix of:

  • Solo work at the mirror to sharpen your skills
  • Partner practice to deepen your body awareness
  • Group drills to maintain your technique

Guest Teachers (occasional)

Periodically we feature a two-workshop format with talented guest teachers who are visiting DC. Recent guests have included Rocio & Luciano, Virginia Pandolfi, and Cecilia Gonzalez.

Workshops with visiting teachers are announced as we schedule them, and usually meet at 4pm and 5:30 (75 mins. each).