Guest teachers Rocio & Luciano (20 Oct. 2013)

Sunday Classes

Intermediate Workshop, 4-6pm ($20)

Improve your dancing with Jake & Dasha on Sundays at Capitol Hill Sport & Health! Our workshops are designed to help you improvise fluently, and to develop skills like spatial awareness, memory, partnering, and rhythm---so you can become a better and more well rounded dancer.

Our recent topics have included "Creativity in Tango," "General Musicality," and "Social Sacadas."

Workshop Format (4-6pm)

Our new format lets us explore key concepts in greater depth, and with the flexibility to give each student more individual attention and more time to get it. Classes include a mix of:

  • Solo work at the mirror to sharpen your skills
  • Partner practice to deepen your body awareness
  • Group drills to maintain your technique

Guest Teachers (occasional)

Periodically we feature a two-workshop format with talented guest teachers who are visiting DC. Recent guests have included Rocio & Luciano, Virginia Pandolfi, and Cecilia Gonzalez.

Workshops with visiting teachers are announced as we schedule them, and usually meet at 4pm and 5:30 (75 mins. each).